Salesforce Metadata Types that Do Not Support Wildcard Characters in Package.xml

When we want to retrieve or deploy metadata to a Salesforce Org, we use package.xml either with ANT command or using SFDX. And when retrieving metadata from a Salesforce org, it is quite common to use wildcard character asterisk (*) to retrieve everything of that metadata type.

For example, the following is used in package.xml to retrieve metadata about all custom objects.

<?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8 standalone=yes?>
<Package xmlns=>

But do note that some of the metadata type does not support wildcard characters. And even if you put wildcard character in your package.xml, nothing will be retrieved. These metadata types include:

  1. ActionOverride
  2. AnalyticSnapshot
  3. CustomField
  4. CustomLabel
  5. Dashboard
  6. Document
  7. EmailTemplate
  8. Folder
  9. FolderShare
  10. GlobalPicklistValue
  11. Letterhead
  12. ListView
  13. Metadata
  14. MetadataWithContent
  15. NamedFilter
  16. Package
  17. PersonalJouneySettings
  18. Picklist
  19. ProfileActionOverride
  20. RecordType
  21. Report
  22. SearchLayouts
  23. SearchingSettings
  24. SharingBaseRule
  25. SharingReason
  26. SharingRecalculation
  27. StandardValueSet
  28. Territory2Settings
  29. ValidationRule
  30. WebLink

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