How to Force Exit from Loop In Salesforce Flow

When working with loop in Flows in Salesforce, at times you may want to exit from the loop without processing all the records.

We recently had one of such requirements for our internal implementation where we wanted to assign discount coupon codes to a bunch of contacts and wanted to exit the loop based on certain conditions, without processing all the records in the loop.

This video is based on the solution that we came up from our own implementation.

How to Use Collection Filter in Salesforce Flow

  • Using ‘Collection Filter’ in Salesforce Flow, you can apply a filter criteria to collection, and create a new collection with a subset of records.
  • With collection filter you don’t need to:
    • Use multiple ‘Get Records’ element with different filter conditions.
    • Or use a loop to scan the records and check for the filter condition.
  • In this video, we will:
    • Get all Case records from Salesforce database.
    • Apply collection filter to filter for open & closed cases.
    • Store the count of records in two separate resources.

How to Sign Up for Free Edition of Salesforce

New to Salesforce? Here is how you can sign up for a free developer edition of Salesforce and get started in just a few minutes. What is nice about this free Developer Edition is that it contains almost all the features and functionalities that Salesforce offers. It won’t have everything, but should have about 80 to 90% of the features by my guess.

However, there is one major limitation that you need to be aware of. Note that the free developer edition comes with just 5 MB of data storage and 20 MB of file storage. In Salesforce one record takes about two KB of space. So going by this calculation, you won’t be able to store more than 2500 records in the Org.

How to Login as Any User In Salesforce

In Salesforce you can enable the option to allow administrators to login as any user. This can be a very useful feature for testing or troubleshooting. Let’s see how to do that in this short video.

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