Use a Single Assignment Element to Add Records to Collection in Flow

#1MinuteTip Do you know you don’t need to use two “Assignment” elements to add records to collection in Salesforce Flow.

Normally we use two “Assignment” elements. In the first assignment element, we assign the values to a resource of a single “Record” type.

And then we “Add” the record to another resource of “Record” collection type. This is how our flow normally looks.

Using two assignment elements to add records to collection

But rather than doing this, we can just add the record to the collection as the last entry in the 1st assignment element. Check this out.

But there is one niggle with this approach. If you need to update your flow to assign more values to the single record resource, you will need to remove the last line that adds the record to the collection and ensure that all values are assigned before adding the record to the collection. This is because, currently, you can’t reorder lines in the assignment element.

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