How To Pass Record IDs From List View To Salesforce Flow

At times you want to invoke flow from the list view on an object and pass the record IDs of selected records for bulk processing. For example, you may want to allow users to close multiple cases in one go or delete multiple case records. Or you may want to add multiple contacts to an event.

Select Multiple Records in List View

(Please note that as of the date of this blog post, you can select a maximum of 200 records only from the list view)

Invoking a Flow directly from a list view and passing the IDs of selected records offers a convenient solution for handling bulk operations. This functionality empowers you to leverage the rich, native & declarative features of Flow, even for complex business requirements.

By efficiently processing multiple records, you can elevate the efficiency & productivity of your users.

Select Multiple Records in List View

Watch this short and concise video (5 minutes) to learn how to seamlessly pass record IDs from list view to Salesforce Flow.

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