#TDX23 – Exciting Innovations coming to Salesforce Platform

#1MinuteTip #TDX23 This slide caught my eye. Announced in #TDX23 here are some of the innovations coming to Salesforce Platform. And here are my top picks from this list.

  1. EinsteinGPT (of course)
  2. Web Callout (bring external data into flows, without code, Summer ’23)
  3. Code Builder (Winter ’24)
  4. DevOps Integrations (CLI Pugin, JIRA, BitBucket and more)
  5. Reactive Screen Components (enable components to respond to the changes on the same screen, Winter ’24)
  6. Salesforce Integration User License (API only license types, available now)
  7. User Access Policies (mass migrate user access and automatically assign permissions, Summer ’23)
#TDX23 - Exciting Innovations coming to Salesforce Platform

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