#TDX23 – Watch EinsteinGPT in Action

#1MinuteTip #TDX23 Salesforce has announced EinsteinGPT at TrailblazerDX 2023. Check out this link for a 16-minute video from the #TDX23 Keynote showing you the demo of how EinsteinGPT works.

The demo covers:

  • EinsteinGPT for Sales
  • EinsteinGPT for Service
  • EinsteinGPT for Marketing
  • EinsteinGPT for Slack
  • EinsteinGPT for Tableau
  • EinsteinGPT for Developers

Here is the overall gist of how it works.

In your Salesforce screens, you are going to see a chat type window to talk to EinsteinGPT. You ask your questions in that chat and EinsteinGPT will respond to you and will also populate the information in Salesforce.

For instance, creating an email to a person in Salesforce? EinsteinGPT will be able to write the entire message and instantly include it in the email.

Or if writing Apex code, just mention your intention as a comment and EinsteinGPT will write the Apex code and even test classes for you.

And here is the link to “Einstein GPT: Quick Look” badge (10 minutes) on Trailhead

Salesforce Announces EinsteinGPT

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