#SalesforceSummer22 – Matrix Question in Salesforce Survey

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSummer22 Salesforce Survey now supports matrix questions that allow participants to respond to multiple questions with the same set of choices.

Matrix questions help boost survey completion rates. Create shorter surveys by grouping related questions and including one or more selection questions in a single matrix question. Participants can easily evaluate the common set of choices in a matrix question and complete surveys faster.

Matrix Question in Salesforce Survey

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#SalesforceSummer22 – Add Logo to Your Survey

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSummer22 You can now add your company’s logo to surveys to highlight your brand identity. Including your logo promotes brand loyalty, increases survey responses, and improves completion rates.

Salesforce Add Logo to Your Survey

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#SalesforceWinter22 – Automatically Send Survey Invitations

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter22 Increase engagement and response rates with distribution channels that are more effective than email. Automatically send survey invitations after a chat over social media channels, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, or through SMS.

Note: This feature requires Salesforce Feedback Management Growth and Salesforce Feedback Management Starter licenses.

Automatically Send Survey Invitations

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Step-by-Step Guide on Getting Started with Salesforce Surveys

How to Build, Send & Analyze Surveys in Salesforce in less than 30 Minutes

Salesforce Survey

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard

And what will be a better way to collect feedback than sending Surveys. Salesforce Surveys was introduced in Spring 18 release. Using the Survey Builder point and click tool, you can create beautiful forms declaratively in no time. Then send them to your colleagues and customers to get their feedback. Upon its inception, it was included only in the orgs that had Health Cloud or Financial Services Cloud. If any customers didn’t have either of that, they could still create their first survey for free but had to purchase licenses for creating more surveys. But not anymore

Now with Summer 19 release, Salesforce has made this feature free for everyone. It means that you don’t need to purchase Survey Creator licenses anymore. Yes, it is good news but there is a catch to it. You need to assign certain profiles to users to give them access and users with only those profiles can create unlimited surveys and send invitations to participants. The profiles which include the special permission are:

  • Standard User
  • Marketing User
  • Contract Manager &
  • System Administrator

So let’s make good use of this feature to gather your internal and external customers’ feedback, suggestions and analyze those responses to fine tune the business processes. Follow along this step by step guide and within 45 minutes you would have your first Survey invitation ready to be sent out. And here is what we will be covering in this guide

  • Enable Surveys
  • Create a Survey
  • Preview & Activate the Survey
  • Send Survey to Internal Users
  • Send Survey to External Users
  • Send Survey to Leads & Contacts
  • Send Survey Using QR Code
  • Automate Survey Invitations Using Process Builder
  • Analyze the Survey Results
  • Export Survey Responses

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