Data Cloud

A Crash Course on Salesforce Data Cloud

#1MinuteTip With Want to learn what is Salesforce Data Cloud? Here is a YouTube Video (19:50 minutes) walking you through the concept of Data Cloud and explaining what it is.

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Salesforce Data Cloud Learning Map

#1MinuteTip With Salesforce Data Cloud (formerly known as Customer Data Platform), you can organize and unify data across Salesforce and other external data sources. And here is a learning map that will help you get started with data cloud and take you all the way from start to finish. This learning map covers:

  1. Get Started with Data Cloud
  2. Plan Your Data Strategy
  3. Set Up & Maintain
  4. Connect and Ingest Data
  5. Prepare and Model
  6. Unify Source Profiles
  7. Enhance with Data Insights
  8. Build and Share Functionality
  9. Create and Activate Segments
  10. Act on Data
  11. Analyze Data
  12. Learn More
Salesforce Data Cloud Learning Map

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