How to Show Progress Indicator in Salesforce Screen-Flows

Flows is one of the most powerful declarative features in Salesforce. It is like a Swiss army knife that you can use for different purpose in different situations.

Screen-Flow is one of the five types of Flows that Salesforce currently offers. Screen-Flow allows you to build rich, dynamic custom UIs and can potentially replace your low to medium complexity Visualforce Page, Aura or Lighting Web Components.

If your screen flow comprises of multiple screens that the users have to navigate through to complete a particular business process, you may want to display a progress indicator for a better user experience.

For example, if the user has to enter the Account details first, then Contact details and then Case details, displaying a progress indicator highlighting all the steps that the user needs to complete and an indication of where they currently are in the process can be an icing on the cake. Something like the following image.

Progress Indicator in Salesforce Screen-Flows

Normally to add a progress indicator to Screen-Flows, you will need to write a custom aura component which requires custom coding. But don’t worry, we are going to take a different route.

Salesforce Labs has provided a package on AppExchange called “Dynamic Flow Progress” that makes it much easier & faster to add the progress indicator to our screen-flows. So with the AppExchange package from Salesforce Labs and this guide in your hand, it won’t take more than 10 -15 minutes for you to configure and test it.

Here is what we are covering in this guide:

  1. Install ‘Dynamic Flow Progress’ Package from AppExchange
  2. Configure Dynamic Flow Progress in Screen-Flow
  3. Test Dynamic Flow Progress
  4. Different Indicator Types in Dynamic Flow Progress
  5. Comparison of Indicator Types

Try it out and this will give one more reason for your users to love you.

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6 thoughts on “How to Show Progress Indicator in Salesforce Screen-Flows”

  1. Great article really help in current req, but is there any way we can control color and state of stage like when to mark as complete and keep incomplete till some condition.

    1. Hi Varun,

      I don’t think there is any option to control the color in the progress indicator.

      For stage, I am not clear on the question. Note that the stage will be manually updated by the user, so they can choose when to mark it as complete.

  2. Can we customize the Progress indicator user friendly. Example: User can go any steps in path type. Initially User default page is step 1 but user directly go to step 3 and complete the that step after that go to step 5 and complete the step then back to the step1 and complete the step. Now, step 1, step 3 and step 5 only marked as completed stage. Remaining steps are Incomplete. Is it possible to achieve this in screen flow using the package. Because, I did this scenario in LWC. But I want to this in screen flow using the package. Is it possible ? If it is yes can you assist me?

  3. Question – How to have different paths on a picklist chosen?
    Great tutorial on Progress Indicator in Salesforce Screen-Flows.

    1. Hi Stel, once a picklist is chosen, you will need to have a decision element which will route to different paths based on the selected picklist. Each of these paths will then have multiple screen elements with the desired progress indicator. Hope I am able to explain it clearly,

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