How To Use Screen-Flow to Upload Files & Make it Mandatory

How To Use Screen-Flow to Upload Files & Make it Mandatory

Uploading Files through Screen Flow is a bit tricky. We can’t use ‘Create Record’ element like we can for creating other records. And then we can’t even make the file upload mandatory like we can make other fields mandatory in Screen Flow. 

This is a question that was asked by one of our Mastering Salesforce Flows course participants and since the solution is not very straight forward, we thought of documenting the whole solution in a step-by-step guide format  and share with everyone.  

Here’s the business requirement

  • Create a Flow to create a record with Attachments (Files)
  • Make the file upload mandatory
  • If the user does not upload the file, then delete the record that was created

And here is the Flow design. Step-by-step with screenshots.

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6 thoughts on “How To Use Screen-Flow to Upload Files & Make it Mandatory”

    1. Hi Ranjan, do you mean you still needed to spend five hours after referring to this guide? Can you tell me where exactly you struggled so that I can update the guide?

  1. Thankyou sir, you put lot of efforts in creating those step by step slides in detail.
    please keep posting on Flows & Integrations with different applications.

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