New Book – Accelerating Nonprofit Impact with Salesforce

#1MinuteTip Here is a new book authored by Melissa Hill Dees (MVP) on Implementing Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud for nonprofit organizations. And here is a sneak peek of the chapters in this book.

  1. Overview of Nonprofit Cloud
  2. What is NPSP?
  3. Tracking Impact with Program Management Module
  4. Automating Case Management for Better Human Services
  5. Tracking Volunteer Impact
  6. What Else Is Needed from Nonprofit Cloud?
  7. Is Change Difficult for an Organization?
  8. What is the Organization Trying to Achieve?
  9. Installing Solutions from Nonprofit Cloud
  10. Configuring Fundraising Features
  11. Configuring Additional Nonprofit Cloud Features and Security
  12. Declarative Tools and Modules
  13. To Customize or Not to Customize?
  14. Testing and Deployment Strategies
  15. Implementing Analytics Tools for Impact
  16. Ongoing Data Management and Best Practices

For more details and to buy it on Amazon, please click here

Accelerating Nonprofit Impact with Salesforce

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