Feedback on Our Salesforce Blog – 12

#175 I love it, and your tweets. They give piecemeal bits of information that are easy to digest and remember. Very much appreciated!

– Jurgen on How to Use Fault Path in Salesforce Flow  via Feedback Form on 16-Jun-2021

#174 I followed your instructions and was able to implement in my dev instance and everything worked as it should!

– Emma on How to Generate and Use QR Code in Salesforce  via Feedback Form on 10-Jun-2021

#173 Thank you so much Ashish for the blog. You made my job easier

– Krishna on Step By Step Guide To Getting Started with Salesforce CMS  via Feedback Form on 07-Jun-2021

#172 I like the step-by-step screenshots, it certainly help a lot. Thank you so much for all the works that you provided.

– Amanda on A Compilation of All Learning Resources on Lightning Web Components  via Feedback Form on 05-Jun-2021

#171 Seeing the step by step screenshots as well as a similar to real life case scenario helped a lot to quickly understand what was going on. Reference links then provided more in depth knowledge to nailed it. Thanks!

– Arquimidez on How to Configure State and Country Picklists in Salesforce  via Feedback Form on 03-Jun-2021

#170 Fantastic resource, really condensed topics and helps focus on key points. Great for cert prep

– Sierra on Step By Step Guide To Custom Report Type in Salesforce  via Feedback Form on 03-Jun-2021

#169 The step by step process to create the jar was so helpful.

– Natei on Step-By-Step Guide to Get Started with Salesforce SOAP API using Java  via Survey on 30-May-2021

#168 The structure! I find it difficult to find precise links online for each topic on the exam and it takes a lot of time. The links you provided for each topic makes me feel comfortable that I will review everything for the exam and it decreases the time I spend looking online.

– Lisa on A Comprehensive Study Guide For SFDC Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Exam  via Survey on 29-May-2021

#167 The step by step screenshots were the key. SF docs would benefit from the shots since they use SF speak in most cases and if you are learning/not familiar with the lingo then you get lost and blogs like yours rescue us.

– Joe on Step By Step Guide To Using Email Templates in Salesforce  via Survey on 26-May-2021

#166 The downloadable step by step guide is very detailed and helpful. Much more helpful that Help documents from Salesforce.

– Jon on Salesforce Communities – A Step By Step Guide To Getting Started From Scratch  via Survey on 13-May-2021

#165 It was really clear and descriptive that anyone could understand and follow. By including the step-by-step screenshots with callouts, Ashish Agarwal has done a really amazing job to guide even the novice developer. As I can see you’ve spent a great amount of time to prepare this and to share the knowledge with the world and this is really a noble quality. I encourage you and wish you all the success in publishing more blogs like this.

– Chandana on Step by Step Guide on Sending & Receiving SMS From / In Salesforce  via Survey on 11-May-2021

#164 Comprehencive, up to date info. Provided info at least gives an idea what topics I still need to study deeper. Invaluable as a ‘to do’ list. Plus realy fine links to other blog posts of yours. Respect and thanks!

– Darius on A Comprehensive Study Guide on Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator  via Survey on 02-May-2021

#163 The screenshots were extremely helpful. There were several steps that I had not taken prior when it wasn’t working. After reading through this blog, everything worked!

– Leslie on A 60 Minutes Step-By-Step DIY Guide to Salesforce REST API for Non-Developers  via Survey on 28-Apr-2021

#162 The step by step screenshots worked well for me as it helped to visualize and apply the teachings on my own.

– Nicholas on tep By Step Guide To Creating Record-Triggered Flow in Salesforce  via Survey on 25-Apr-2021

#161 How accurate and relevant your blog is and how the PDF helps provide a guided and clear path. It was the very detailed step by step instruction. You cover many examples on your site that are real world issues, where most blogs just cover the issues that are already out there.

– Ben on Step By Step Guide To Integrating Google Sheets with Salesforce  via Survey on 20-Apr-2021

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