Step By Step Guide To Integrating Google Sheets with Salesforce

Integrating Google Sheets with Salesforce

There are some tools that is so easy, intuitive, and flawless to use that you fall in love with it. In this blog post, we will be covering one of such tools.

Data Connector for Salesforce is a Google Sheets add-on developed by Google Cloud. It is a very intuitive tool with powerful features and operations. This add-on was first made available on Google Workspace in late 2018 and is being regularly updated. It makes working with your Salesforce data seamless and a breeze. 

If your organization is using Google Suite and usually works on Google Sheets instead of Microsoft Excel or CSV files, then this add-on is going to work wonders for you. Because now you can directly insert, update, upsert, delete and refresh Salesforce data from Google Sheet. Moreover, you can pull Salesforce report results directly in Google Sheet. Yes, you heard it right! And you can refresh those results too, either manually or automatically 😉 

Data Connector for Salesforce Add-On Refresh Operation

The DML operations such as insert, update, upsert, delete work just like any other data loading tool but the “Refresh” feature of Data Connector for Salesforce deserves a shout out. You can refresh Google Sheet with Salesforce data in two ways:

  • Manual Refresh – This allows you to refresh data instantly with a click of a button
  • Auto Refresh – This allows you to set a schedule to refresh data after certain time intervals. The frequency you can select is 4, 8, or 24 hours. The catch here is that you don’t know when the refresh is going to happen exactly during the day. Whether it is calculating the number of hours after you schedule it or as per the time of the day. This is the only grey area as of now but it works perfectly well. Moreover, there is no notification sent to you once the data is refreshed which could be a bummer. 

For this guide, we will be covering all the operations of the Data Connector for Salesforce to give you an idea of how each one works. After going through this guide, within the next 30 or so, you will learn how to: 

  • Install Data Connector for Salesforce
  • Connect Google Sheets to Salesforce
  • Insert Data in Salesforce from Google Sheets
  • Import Data in Google Sheets from Salesforce
  • Update Data in Salesforce from Google Sheets
  • Delete Data in Salesforce from Google Sheets
  • Import Salesforce Report Results in Google Sheets
  • Refresh Google Sheets with Salesforce Data

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6 thoughts on “Step By Step Guide To Integrating Google Sheets with Salesforce”

  1. Verry good use case for someome running their day to day task on spread sheets planning to move to saleaforce. Usefull while migrating data for small scale business that is o spread sheets.

  2. Hi! with this solution, would it be possible to add a Google Sheet for a specific record, being able to edit it and save it within the page layout of the record?

    1. Ashish Agarwal

      Hi Jaime, I am not sure what exactly do you mean by “save it within the page layout of the record”, but it is possible to update a specific record from Google sheet, as long as the record in Google sheet has Salesforce Record ID or an External ID.

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