Feedback on Our Salesforce Blog – 03

#45 All of the above but most importantly the study process broken down by steps is the most helpful to keep me on track.

– Melissa on blog A Comprehensive Study Guide For Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam via Survey on 20-Feb-20

#44 Thank you Ashish for this great introduction to Salesforce CMS. Salesforce CMS + CDN will help us to create a complete solution for communities and content management. Let us see how Salesforce CMS evolves.

– Yusuf on blog Step By Step Guide To Getting Started with Salesforce CMS via Blog Comment on 16-Feb-20

#43 The step-by-step scenarios really helped me understand the concepts. This is exactly how I learn. Excellent!

– Nadia on blog Salesforce Knowledge – A Step By Step Guide to Getting Started via Survey on 12-Feb-20

#42 Your blogs very awesome. I need mock questions for certification.

– Midhan on blog A Comprehensive Study Guide For Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam via Survey on 08-Feb-20

#41 I found this very helpful to fill in any knowledge gaps I had before the exam. Passed first time! Thanks Ashish!!

– Mark on blog A Comprehensive Study Guide on Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Exam via Blog Comment on 03-Feb-20

#40 This blog helps me to crack one of the challenge related to 2FA. really informative and helpfull
Thank you Ashish

– Mukesh on blog How to Enable Two Factor Authentication in Salesforce via Survey on 24-Jan-20

#39 Thx for the information Ashish. I find this tool very interesting in particulary the thresholds you provide

– Hugues on blog Salesforce Performance Test via Blog Comment on 07-Nov-19

#38 There is always something New to learn from you Posts @asagarwal
Thank U for the fab job of sharing 🙂

– Nisha via Twitter on 06-Nov-19

#37 Nice articles from you :). I recommended my team to follow you. Keep rocking 🙂

– Aslam via Twitter on 05-Nov-19

#36 Awesome document. Step-by-step screenshots with callout is great way to make person understand better.

– Tarun on blog How To Manage Duplicate Records in Salesforce via Survey on 23-Oct-19

#35 The document was quite explanatory with step-by-step screenshot which really helped me to understand it better. For detailed information, external links worked for me as well.

– Tarun on blog Step By Step Guide on Getting Started with Salesforce Console via Survey on 23-Oct-19

#34 I really love this blog of yours Ashish. You explain things so well & your expertise on the salesforce platform. I would really appreciate if we can connect since i had a few SF questions regarding an implementation that i am doing for a nonprofit organization.

– Chandana on blog Salesforce Communities – A Step By Step Guide To Getting Started From Scratch via Survey on 21-Oct-19

#33 These daily emails are great. Thank you so much, Ashish!


– Sarath on 1 Day, 1 Tip, 1 Minute Emails on Salesforce Release Features via Email on 18-Oct-19

#32 The blog format is excellent. Lots to study. I keep coming back to your articles for special content. Keep up the good work.

– Vijay on blog A Comprehensive Study Guide on Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Exam via Survey on 17-Oct-19

#31 I haven’t implemented any of the steps yet but just reading through them they helped me to understand how to get started and a bit more about the whole tooling.

– Shayla on blog A 60 Minutes Step-By-Step DIY Guide to Salesforce REST API for Non-Developers via Survey on 14-Oct-19

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