Dynamic Progress Indicator in Salesforce Flow

#1MinuteTip With Flows taking more and more centre stage in Salesforce for business process automation, this component from Salesforce Labs looks quite useful. You can use this to indicate the steps in a flow and the progress made by the user. There are five types of indicators you can display with this single component:

  1. Progress Indicator (Vertical)
  2. Progress Indicator (Horizontal)
  3. Progress Bar
  4. Vertical Navigation Menu
  5. Progress Ring
  6. Path
Dynamic Progress Indicator in Salesforce Flow

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2 thoughts on “Dynamic Progress Indicator in Salesforce Flow”

  1. I have this and I am wondering if you experience a similar issue to what I am. When using this in a flow, if the user clicks on the path the flow will restart. Any way you know of to make this non-reactive?

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