#DF23 Dreamforce 2023 – Key Announcements from Developer Keynote

#DF23 Here is a rundown of all the key Announcements from Dreamforce 2023 Developer Keynote.

And here is the summary of what’s new along with the timelines.

CategoryWhat’s New?Remarks
EinsteinEinstein 1 Copilot Studio
AutomationData Cloud Triggered FlowGA | Winter ’24
AutomationEinstein for FlowPilot | Winter ’24
AutomationFlow Custom Error MessagesGA | Winter ’24
AutomationFlow HTTP CalloutsGA | Winter ’24
AutomationFlow TransformBeta | Winter ’24
AutomationFlow Reactive ComponentsGA | Winter ’24
AutomationFlow RepeatersBeta | Spring ’24
UXExperience DeliveryPilot | Winter ’24
UXDynamic ComponentsGA | Winter ’24
UXCustom Property Editors on Experience CloudBeta | Winter ’24
UXNimbus Mobile Document ScannerGA | Winter ’24
DXScale CenterGA | Winter ’24
DXApex GuruPilot | Winter ’24
DXCode Analyzer ExtensionBeta | Winter ’24
DXEinstein for DevelopersBeta | Now
DXCode BuilderGA | October ’23
DXApex Comparator InterfaceGA | Winter ’24

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