Take a First Look at Salesforce Analytics

Salesforce has released a FREE version of its Analytics Cloud and typical to any Salesforce products or features, this looks cool too. The user interface is quite intuitive and it won’t take more than 10 minutes for you to learn the basics and figure out how to slice and dice your data.

Salesforce Analytics Playground

Analytics Playground (as Salesforce is calling it) currently has three main features

  1. There is a tutorial that tells you how to use it
  2. You can upload your data (from Salesforce, CSV, Excel or Google Spreadsheet) and play with it
  3. Explore the dashboards that Salesforce has pre-created for you to play with

One of the best part of Analytics Playground  is that you don’t have to have a Salesforce account to use it. You can upload the data from your Salesforce Org, CSV, Excel or Google Spreadsheet and use the magic of Salesforce Analytics to get the data dance to your tune.

In this free version you will not be able to save your data or the visualisations though you can export it as an image.

Take a look. You are going to like it. Navigate to https://www.salesforce.com/analytics-playground/

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