How to Draw Marketing Strategy & Sales Diagrams Level 1-4 for Salesforce Implementation

#1MinuteTip Now available new diagramming videos on Salesforce Architects Channel on YouTube. These set of 4 videos cover how to draw marketing strategy & sales diagrams and will help viewers understand business concepts, processes, or a vision for a solution.

  1. Level 1 Marketing Strategy and Sales diagrams (3:15 minutes) show the “art of the possible” or a digital transformation scenario.
  2. Level 2 Marketing Strategy and Sales diagrams (2:35 minutes) show a single business capability or solution overview.
  3. Level 3 Marketing Strategy and Sales Diagrams (2:18 minutes) show personas, input channels, time-based interactions or specific details about behaviors at each step in a process.
  4. Level 4 Marketing Strategy and Sales Diagrams (2:30 minutes) are most effective at showing a specific type or portion of a business process, process flow, or user flow.
Salesforce Diagrams Level 1-4

How to Draw Salesforce Diagrams Level 1-4 [YouTube Playlist]

#1MinuteTip Salesforce Architects Channel on YouTube has added more videos on how to draw diagrams for Salesforce Implementation. This includes:

  • Salesforce Diagrams – Diagram Levels
  • Salesforce Diagrams – Level 1 Diagrams
  • Salesforce Diagrams – Level 2 Diagrams
  • Salesforce Diagrams – Level 3 Diagrams
  • Salesforce Diagrams – Level 4 Diagrams
  • Salesforce Diagrams – Prioritizing Anti-Pattern Fixes
  • Salesforce Diagrams – Diagram Anti-Patterns
Salesforce Diagrams Level 1-4

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Getting Started with Salesforce Diagrams [YouTube Playlist]

#1MinuteTip Here is a series of videos brought to you by Salesforce Architects on how to draw diagrams for Salesforce Implementations. Till now there wasn’t any standard & consistent way of producing different types of diagrams required for implementation. It was mostly left to organizations and individuals.

With this initiative, Salesforce aims and hopes to bring standardization in the way Salesforce diagrams are drawn and represented across multiple clients and implementations.

To access the playlist on YouTube, click here. It comprises of 6 videos with a total run time of about 29 minutes.

Salesforce Diagrams Videos

How to Get Salesforce Shapes in Lucidchart

#1MinuteTip Using Lucidchart to create documentation for your Salesforce implementation? You can use the Salesforce Shapes library to get icons, images, containers etc. based on Salesforce Diagram standards. How? Check out this video (2 mts)

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