#TDX21 – Introducing Salesforce Diagrams

#1MinuteTip #TDX21 In a Salesforce implementation companies/individuals usually follow their own template and way of drawing Salesforce diagrams. Now Salesforce is coming up with its own framework to bring standardization & uniformity on how these diagrams should be created. Currently this framework includes guidance for two different styles of diagram

  1. Marketing, Sales & Strategy
  2. Documentation & Implementation

To know more about this initiative and the framework, please refer to the recording of #TDX21 session “Introducing Salesforce Diagrams” at URL (23:30 minutes)

How to draw Salesforce Diagrams

Salesforce Diagram Kit of Parts

#1MinuteTip Salesforce now provides “Diagrams Kit of Parts” which is a reusable set of components to help you build, customize, and reuse diagrams. These resources represent the basic parts of a common, standardized visual language for Salesforce diagrams. This has been made available in Google Slides & PowerPoint format.

Though this kit has quite limited number of diagrams as of today, I am hopeful that Salesforce is going to keep adding and enhancing the kit continuously.

For more information and to download these diagrams, please navigate to URL

Salesforce Diagram Kit of Parts

How to Build Salesforce Diagrams

#1MinuteTip Great initiative by Salesforce on how to build Salesforce Diagrams. This will provide you clarity on how to create the right diagram for the right purpose. There are 4 levels of diagram and with each level you zoom into greater level of detail, finer granularity and reduced surface area or scope. This is based on the C4 model which is used to visualize software architectures. Take at look at it at URL

How to Build Salesforce Diagrams

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Drawing and Annotations AppExchange Component by Salesforce Labs

#1MinuteTip Drawing and Annotations AppExchange Component lets you take drawings and annotations to lightning-fast speed. Opening up the ability for users to Draw and Annotate to their heart’s content! It supports Lightning Experience and Lightning Communities through use in a Lightning Flow.

Drawing and Annotations AppExchange Component

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