Step By Step Guide To Salesforce Files

Salesforce Files

With Salesforce Files, your users can upload files in Salesforce, preview, share and collaborate on files, attach files to records, store files privately, manage version updates, and follow files that are important to you. You can also make files available publicly via a link.

The file engagement related list shows how many times the file has been viewed and downloaded. You can create libraries, attach files, and expose it to your Partner and Customer Community users also.

If you have worked on Salesforce Classic, you will remember that Notes & Attachments related list was used to attach files to records. Winter ’18 release of Salesforce brought a restriction that there won’t be any ‘Upload Files’ button on the Notes & Attachments related list in LEX. Also, new enhancements are planned to be made in Files and not the Attachments. So, if you have not already moved to Salesforce files, it is time to start planning your migration. Salesforce Files is the way to organize your documents in Salesforce. 

If you have made up your mind to upgrade but worrying about the existing documents uploaded as attachments, don’t worry. Labs provides an App called “Magic Mover” on AppExchange that will help you make the move.

Magic Mover

It is a handy tool to bulk convert your attachments to Salesforce Files and Classic Notes to Enhanced Notes, with clicks not code. Once converted, you can delete the attachments to clear up the storage space.

This step-by-step guide on Salesforce Files will walk you through all the main features and functionalities related to Salesforce Files. Here’s what we’ll be covering in this guide.

  • Enable Salesforce Files
  • Convert Attachments to Salesforce Files
  • Add Files Related list on Records
  • How to Access Files Tab
  • Upload Files
  • Share Files with Individuals and Groups
  • Relationship Between Salesforce Files & CRM Content
  • Share Files with Community Users
    • Partner Community Users
    • Customer Community Plus Users
    • Customer Community Users
  • Attach Related Files When Sending an Email from a Record
  • Make Files on a Record Visible to Customers

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