Salesforce Launches “AppExchange Store Builder”

Salesforce has announced “AppExchange Store Builder” today. The Store Builder will allow each customer to have their own private “App Store” or “AppExchange” so to speak. Here are some of the salient features of AppExchange Store Builder. 

  1. The store can be customized in terms of look & feel
  2. Customers can publish any apps that they want in the store, irrespective of whether it was developed in Salesforce
  3. The built-in analytics will provide stats on the usage and popularity of apps
  4. The Apps in the private app store can also listed as paid Apps and linked to payment options
  5. AppExchange store builder is free for existing customers (already having Salesforce license) and start at $5 per user per month for non-salesforce customers

Click here to view the AppExchange Store Builder on AppExchange or click here to read the TechCrunch article on the launch.

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