Salesforce Increases the Price of Its Products

#1MinuteTip 🔥 BREAKING NEWS: Salesforce Increases the Price of Its Products 🔥

Received an email this morning that beginning in August 2023, Salesforce will increase list prices by an average of 9% across core products—specifically Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Industries and Tableau.

The last list price increase was seven years ago. Here are the new prices as per the email.

  1. Salesforce Professional Edition from US$ 75 to US$ 80 (up $5)
  2. Salesforce Enterprise Edition from US$ 150 to US$ 165 (up $15)
  3. Salesforce Unlimited Edition from US$ 300 to $330 (up $30)

Similar list price increases will go into effect for Industries, Marketing Cloud Engagement and Account Engagement, CRM Analytics and Tableau.

Salesforce Price Increase

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