Salesforce Flows – 25 Features Introduced in Summer ’22 Release

Salesforce Flows Summer 22 Features

Flows is the present and future of Automation in Salesforce and continues to take more and more Centre stage. Every Salesforce release contains tens of enhancements to Flows. In Summer ’22 Release of Salesforce, we could find about 25 enhancements related to Salesforce Flows.

And here is our top pick from these enhancements:

  1. Create Tests for Record-Triggered Flows (Beta)
  2. Dynamic Screen Components in Flows (Pilot)
  3. Use Formulas as Flow Entry Conditions
  4. Send Screen Flows to Slack with an Invocable Action (Beta)
  5. Add Section Headers to Flow Screens
  6. Name and Address Record Fields Flow Screens (Beta)
  7. Manage Run Order from Flow Trigger Explorer
  8. Create Relevant Flows from Flow Trigger Explorer
  9. Access Flow Trigger Explorer from Object Manager
  10. Migrate to Flow Tool Now in GA

To make it easier for you to understand these new features and enhancements, we have created a presentation with screenshots and link to the related Summer ’22 release note articles.

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