Salesforce Customer 360 Truth is now Generally Available (GA)

#1MinuteTip Salesforce announced the general availability of Customer 360 Truth on 17th November 2020. Customer 360 Truth comprises of the following products

  1. Customer 360 Data Manager: connects customer data within Salesforce and non-Salesforce systems such as ERP and point-of-sale systems to create a global profile and issue a single Salesforce ID for each person
  2. Customer 360 Audiences: capture and understand all customer data across their CRM and other data sources, like marketing tools, commerce systems, data warehouses and more
  3. Customer 360 Identity: delivers an easier sign-up and login experience for end users and a single source of truth for IT departments.
  4. Customer 360 Privacy Center: Automate the management of sensitive personal data — including addresses or birthdays — in compliance with data protection regulations.
Salesforce Customer 360 Truth

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