Options for Building Forms in Salesforce – From No-Code to Pro-Code

When choosing a tool to build forms in Salesforce, Salesforce offers a continuum of tools – from no-code to pro-code. Whether you’re a business analyst looking to implement a quick solution or a developer designing a highly customized form, let’s unpack these options starting from those requiring minimal coding skills to those that are best suited for the pros.

Image Source: Salesforce Architects Decision Guides – Building Forms (link below)
  1. Dynamic Forms: Kicking off our no-code solutions are Dynamic Forms. They bring the ease of drag-and-drop to create forms directly within the Lightning App Builder. With Dynamic Forms, you can tailor the layout and visibility of fields based on record data, offering a personalized experience with minimal effort.
  2. Screen Flows: Stepping up the flexibility are Screen Flows. They enable the creation of guided, multi-step experiences that can interact with Salesforce data in real time. Screen Flows are great for creating wizard-like interfaces, offering more power without needing to dive into code.
  3. OmniStudio: For those who need more than just forms, OmniStudio offers a suite of tools designed for more complex business processes. It remains a low-code option, yet provides robust features like the OmniScript for designing dynamic user experiences that are scalable and reusable across different platforms.
  4. Lightning Web Components (LWC): Entering the realm of pro-code, LWCs are custom-built components using modern JavaScript and web standards. They offer immense power and flexibility, allowing for the creation of rich, efficient, and interactive forms. LWCs are the go-to choice for developers looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible within the Salesforce UI.

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