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Visual Guide to Different Component Types in Screen Flow

A visual guide to 29 different component types in Salesforce Screen Flow. See how they look, where they can be used and the related help ...
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Master Detail Vs. Lookup Relationship in Salesforce

Discover the key factors to consider when choosing between master-detail and lookup relationships in Salesforce. Make an informed decision for your data model design.
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Options for Building Forms in Salesforce – From No-Code to Pro-Code

#1MinuteTip Explore the range of options for building forms in Salesforce, from no-code solutions like Dynamic Forms to pro-code solutions for advanced customization.
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Email Alert Vs. Send Email Action in Salesforce Flow

There are three ways to send emails from Flow: “Email Alert”, “Send Email”, or “Send Email with Email Template”. So how do you choose?
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What is the Difference Between Scheduled Path & Scheduled Triggered Flow in Salesforce?

#1MinuteTip In Salesforce Flow, one of the main differences between Scheduled Path in Record-Triggered Flow & Scheduled-Triggered Flow is the granular control on the scheduling. ...
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Solution Options for Event Driven Architecture in Salesforce

#1MinuteTip Here is the list of solution options for you to consider when designing an event-driven architecture in Salesforce.
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Solution Options for Inbound Integration to Salesforce

What are the different solution options for Inbound Integration to Salesforce? I.e. is sending data from external systems into Salesforce? Here is the list of ...
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3 Ways to Send Email from Salesforce Flow

#1MinuteTip What are the different options to send emails from Salesforce Flow? There are three ways in which you can send email. Have a look
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Comparison of Salesforce REST API Composite Resources [Video]

Do you know what are the differences between different Composite REST APIs that Salesforce provides? Which one should be used when?
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