New Innovations in Salesforce Service & Marketing Clouds

#1MinuteTip Salesforce announces new innovations in its Service & Marketing Cloud products. This includes:

  • Service Cloud Innovations
    • Contact Lens for Amazon Connect – offers advanced conversational transcription, real-time sentiment analysis, real-time supervisor alerts.
    • New Service Cloud partners Google Cloud and Genesys – offers customers more choice in how they use Service Cloud Voice and enable AI-powered recommendations and automated workflows for their teams.
  • Field Service Innovations
    • Multi-level Offline Briefcase to serve up necessary records whether the users are online or not.
    • Visual Remote Assistant for customers to schedule in advance and initiate a 1:1 virtual support session with augmented reality from their phone.
  • Marketing Cloud Innovations
    • Streaming Insights and Data Actions to capture near real-time data signals.
    • Advanced Identity Resolution uses AI to match and merge disparate data for better customer identification.
    • Anonymous Profiles that enable marketers to track profiles and build a rich history of data on customers.

For more information, please refer to this news article.

New Innovations in Salesforce Service & Marketing Clouds

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