Lightning Experience for Salesforce Mobile App

Give Users Access to New Salesforce Mobile App for a Seamless Experience Across Desktop & Mobile

New Salesforce Mobile App

Lightning Experience for Salesforce Mobile App was rolled out with Winter ’20 release. This feature is one of the gems of the latest release.

Earlier, Salesforce Mobile App user experience was slightly different than the desktop version. Notable differences were:

  • There was no ‘App Launcher’ to switch between the Apps
  • The Object Tabs were not segregated as per the App which they belonged to 

Now with this upgrade, you get exactly the same experience how you would get when working from your laptop or computer. This gives users a seamless experience across devices and boosts productivity.

It is a cinch to enable Lightning Experience for Salesforce Mobile App for your users. So let’s get started.

Enable Lightning Experience for Salesforce Mobile App

Login as an Administrator into your Salesforce org -> Navigate to Permission Sets in Setup -> Click ‘New’  

Navigate to permission sets in setup

Specify Permission Set ‘Label’ -> ‘API Name’ pops automatically -> Enter a short ‘Description’ 

enter details for permission set

Scroll down & click ‘System Permissions’

click system permissions

Click ‘Edit’

click edit

Sroll down to ‘New Salesforce Mobile App’ permission and tick the checkbox

tick new salesforce mobile app checkbox

Scroll back to the top of the page and click ‘Save’. Then click ‘Manage Assignments’  

click save and then manage assignements

Click ‘Add Assignments’

click add assignments

Tick the checkbox besides a user or multiple users for whom the access to New Salesforce Mobile App needs to be enabled. Then click ‘Assign’

select users and click assign

Now ask that particular user or users to log out and log back into Salesforce again. Once logged in, you will land on the Chatter page. Click on ‘Menu’ at the bottom right corner of the mobile screen.

click menu in salesforce mobile app

Voila! Lightning Experience for Salesforce Mobile App is enabled. The user can now see ‘App Launcher’ to switch between the apps. It also shows which app the user is currently on and all the Tabs included in the app navigation.

New Salesforce Mobile App

So go ahead and delight your users with this new experience to work on Salesforce from their mobile devices. 🙂   

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