How to Increase No. of Visible Action Buttons on a Record Page

I always thought that it was not possible to show more than 3 actions/buttons in the highlights panel on a record page. And hence, I used to keep the ones most used at the front in the object’s page layout so they appear first. But then, I discovered this minor tweak in Lightning App Builder. With ‘Visible Action Buttons’ setting, you can modify the number of actions that show on the page. Just increase or decrease the number and you’re all set! So here’s how to do it.

Increase Visible Action Buttons on a Record’s Highlights Panel

Log in to your Salesforce org as an Admin -> Click the Object tab for which you need to customize the Highlights Panel

click object tab

Click a record

click a record

Click ‘Edit Page’

click edit page

Click on ‘Highlights Panel’

highlights panel

Modify the number of ‘Visible Action Buttons’ -> Click out of the box anywhere on the page

modify the number of buttons

Click ‘Save’

visible action buttons increased click save

Click ‘Back’

click back

There you go! Your record page has a new look! The actions span across the Highlights Component. Now the record is full of Action!

visible action buttons increased

Increasing the number of Visual Action Buttons was like a walk in the park. However, there are some considerations to it such as:

  • It is only supported on the desktop version of Salesforce
  • Maximum number of action buttons that can be displayed is up to 10

3 thoughts on “How to Increase No. of Visible Action Buttons on a Record Page”

  1. Any suggestions how we can apply this on / in the Experience builder
    visible actions remains on 3-4 (actions) buttons

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