Contact Salesforce support to activate these features and/or increase limits

All Salesforce admins probably know that to activate certain features in their Salesforce org, they need to contact customer support. However not many know that they can also use this same channel to request for increase in some of the limits and other functionalities. The following mind map serves as a quick reference to what all can be requested from Salesforce support.

Please do note that Salesforce comes up with three product releases in a year. The features, functionalities and limits listed here may change with those releases. For example, in the past admins needed to request to enable “Translation Workbench” or “Encrypted Fields”, but now these features are enabled by default.

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If you come across any other feature or limits that can be enabled / increased by Salesforce support, please do mention in the comments below so that I can include it in this blog post.

4 thoughts on “Contact Salesforce support to activate these features and/or increase limits”

  1. I just came onto your post and found it quite interesting. I am also associated with Salesforce Support, Salesforce Specialist, Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Support Specialist and love to enjoy the stuff on the same as its rarely found on internet. Thanks again for writing such a good post.

  2. You can also request SF enable reporting on duration of time a case spends in each status during business hours in case life cycle reporting. The ability to report on duration in each status already exists, but does not take business hours into account.

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