How To Get a List of All Your Salesforce Objects & Fields

How do you get a list of all the objects and fields in your Salesforce instance? If you have worked on Oracle, you can query views like DBA_TABLES & DBA_TAB_COLUMNS, if you have worked on SQL Server you can query SYS.TABLES & SYS.COLUMNS. Unfortunately, there isn’t a similar simple way in Salesforce. With Salesforce you need to use Metadata APIs and write a few lines of code to get the details.

You can try Schema Lister developed by one of the developers at Tquila. Navigate to URL, select your environment and API version, authorise the Apps through OAuth and it will generate a list of all the objects and fields. The benefit of using this app is that you don’t need to install anything in your Salesforce org and don’t need to provide your Salesforce username and password (as the app uses OAuth to connect to Salesforce)

Tquila Schema Lister

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10 thoughts on “How To Get a List of All Your Salesforce Objects & Fields”

  1. Darren Friedrich

    I had no success with the tool. It gets stuck on Querying objects and fields… for hours and does not complete.

  2. I followed the steps, but the report doesn’t give me objects. When I select label, it returns contract history or task history.

  3. Thanks Ashish. Is it possible to get the description as well ? If yes… Please let me know the process to get it done.

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