How to Broadcast Message in Salesforce Org

How to Broadcast Message in a Salesforce Org

From time-to-time we need to broadcast messages to our Salesforce users for various reasons. Like inform all users about upcoming maintenance and downtime of the Salesforce Org, prompt professional service team to enter the timesheet before the deadline or remind sales users to update the opportunity before the end of the quarter.

Other than sending emails or informing users through other channels, you can also make such announcements to your users within the Salesforce Org, which will be more in context and probably more impactful. And depending on the message, you can target specific groups of users to whom the message should be shown. Like sales related announcements to sales users only or service-related announcements to customer service team only.

In this blog post, we will learn how to broadcast messages within the Salesforce Org in just under 10-15 mts.

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10 thoughts on “How to Broadcast Message in Salesforce Org”

  1. Ashish,
    This is fantastic and I have already created 2 and both are activated!
    How do I add a profile to an existing In-add?

    Larry M – Ohio

    1. Hi Larry, to add a profile to existing in-app, navigate to Setup -> In-App Guidance -> Edit the In-App guidance

      Edit In-App Guidance

      Click on the Gear icon on top left side and click next button till you reach the profile option

      Add Profile to In-App Guidance

  2. Hi Ashish,

    This is really a great post and very useful!
    Your work is always Great and very beneficial to most people and really worth content.

    Great point is your teaching like very simple and very easy to learn and simple step- by-step procedure. I enjoyed a lot while learning your posts / topics


  3. great blogs and good content. Please suggest how we can debug Record Trigger flow with Email Object for Incoming emails(Email-to-Case)

    1. Hi Chandranna, Thanks for your feedback.

      When you click on the Debug option in Flow Builder, it will ask you to select the triggered record from the object. So you can select any of the existing records from the object and should be able to debug normally. I am not sure if this the answer you were looking for. If not, please provide more details about your requirement and I will try to help.


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