Naming Convention for Your Salesforce Developer Edition Orgs

#1MinuteTip If you are a Salesforce Professional (e.g. admin, consultant, developer, architect) chances are that you have registered multiple developer edition orgs. And chances are that you have often struggled to come up with the My Domain name URL for your Org and the username. And as you keep on registering different orgs for developer purposes, you end up having a bunch of variety of Salesforce Orgs and the usernames with no standardization whatsoever.

  1. Come up with a prefix keyword for your Developer Edition Orgs. Like for me, it is ” asagarwal “. For you it can be your first name + last name (e.g. ” annaparker”, ” aparker “) or any combination on these lines. If you have a blog or company, you can use those as the prefix. But just come up with something.
  2. Then use the second word for the purpose of the org. Like if it is for trailhead modules then call it “trailhead”. If it is for learning a specific topic likes Flows or Field Service Lighting, then use that. So the string becomes ” annaparker-flow” or “annaparker-fsl” or “annaparker-cpq”
  3. For developer edition orgs, Salesforce will automatically add the suffix “-dev-ed”. So, your URL becomes
    • annaparker-flow-dev-ed
    • annaparker-trailhead-dev-ed
    • annaparker-fls-dev-ed
    • annaparker-cpq-dev-ed
  4. If you need multiple Salesforce Developer Edition Orgs for the similar purpose (like multiple developer edition orgs for trailhead modules) then just add a number starting with “2” to your second word. Like “annaparker-trailhead02”, “annaparker-trailhead03 ” and so on.
  5. Once you have the naming convention for the My Domain URL of your org, coming up with the username is pretty straightforward. Just use the format “” For example:
  6. The benefit of taking this approach will that you will have a standard naming convention, it will have your branding (just in case if you need to share the screenshots with someone or somewhere like a blog) and you will not need to spend much time thinking about it.
  7. If you already have a bunch of Developer Edition Orgs, you can also apply this naming convention to those orgs. Just make changes in “My Domain” URL under Setup and the username.

    Feel free to modify the naming convention as per your preference. The objective of this post is just to give you some ideas and get your creating juices flowing.

    A Naming Convention for Your Salesforce Developer Edition Orgs

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