45 Hottest Features of Salesforce Spring ’24 Release

Embark on a swift journey through the 45 greatest and noteworthy features introduced in Salesforce’s Spring ’24 Release. In just under 45 minutes, our 1-minute tips will illuminate the key highlights, ensuring you stay ahead in mastering the latest advancements.

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  1. No Downtime for Core Major Releases on Hyperforce
  2. MFA Is Turned On by Default Starting April 2024
  3. Share Report Dashboard Folders from Analytics Tab
  4. Terminate User’s Session on Password Reset
  5. Identify Flows Containing Email Alert
  6. See Object Name & Field API Name in Dynamic Forms
  7. Bulk Manage Analytics Items
  8. Save the Progress of Your Flow
  9. Warning on Multi-Select Picklist Limitations
  10. Changes to Organization-Wide Defaults (OWD) Runs Faster
  11. Change Owner of Dashboards
  12. Display Fields from Related Objects in Dynamic Forms
  13. Find and Select Flow Resources More Easily
  14. Rearrange Multiple Lightning Report Columns Together
  15. Set Field Visibility by Device in Dynamic Forms
  16. Logins from Sandboxes Setup Page Now Use My Domain URL
  17. Validate User Input for More Screen Components in Salesforce Flow
  18. Is It End of Life for Salesforce Workbench?
  19. Verify API Connection via HTTP Callout in Salesforce Flow
  20. Dynamic Actions on Standard Objects on Mobile
  21. More Components React to Changes in Screen Flow
  22. End of Life for Salesforce Ant Migration Tool
  23. New Repeater Component in Screen Flow
  24. Choose How to Run Platform Event Triggered Flows
  25. Create Scratch Org Replicas with Scratch Org Snapshots (Beta)
  26. Maintain Previous Selections in Data Table
  27. Ask Einstein to Explain Formula in Validation Rules
  28. Einstein Activity Capture – Get Notified on Connection Issues
  29. New Seller Home in Sales Cloud
  30. Sum/Count Items in Collections More Easily
  31. Lead Intelligence View
  32. Images, Rich Text, and Dashboard Widgets in All Salesforce Editions
  33. Get Notified Before Deleting Permission Sets Assigned to Users
  34. Introducing Null Coalescing Operator in Apex
  35. Introducing Contact Suggestions from Einstein Activity Capture
  36. Translate Related List Label For Dynamic Related List
  37. More Dashboard Filters in All Salesforce Editions
  38. Salesforce Functions Is Being Retired
  39. Send Data to Data Cloud using Flows
  40. Restrict User Access to Run Flows
  41. Updated Migrate to Flow Tool
  42. Filter Report Types by Objects or Fields When Creating Reports
  43. Account Intelligence View
  44. New User Profile for Salesforce Integration User License
  45. Migrate LWC Projects from LWC.studio to StackBlitz

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