Dynamic Forms in Salesforce

Dynamic Forms was announced in Dreamforce 2019 as one of the features in UI enhancements roadmap in Admin & Lightning Keynotes. It is now available as Non-GA Preview in Salesforce Summer ’20 release

This is going to be a game-changing feature that will give admins and consultants the ability to have granular control on the record pages. You can now declaratively customize sections and fields of the page as per the business requirements. e.g. Show a particular section when a picklist field has a certain value, Opportunity has reached a certain stage, display a section with relevant fields to a particular user profile, etc. So, there are fewer page layouts to maintain.

How does it work?

With Dynamic Forms, comes a brand-new standard Lightning Component called ‘Field Section’. You can add that component in the page, select the fields to add in the section and create a filter to define

  • when to display the section
  • on what form factor to display the section and
  • whom to display the section


Dynamic forms come with the following limitations in Summer ’20 release, which will hopefully be addressed in subsequent releases. 

  • Currently available as Non-GA preview in Summer ’20 release
  • Dynamic Forms is only available on Custom Objects for now (support for standard objects is on the roadmap for GA)
  • Isn’t supported on record pages that use pinned-region or custom page templates

Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a first look at setting up the Dynamic Forms in Salesforce. This guide covers how to:

  • Enable Dynamic Forms
  • Add Field Section Component to Lightning Record Page
  • Create Filter to Set Component Visibility
  • Test Dynamic Forms

You can sign up for a Summer ’20 pre-release org here and get your hands-on experience with this awesome feature.

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I also conducted a session with ApexHours that included the live demo of Dynamic Forms & Actions. Here is the link to the session video. Dynamic Forms is from 0:00 to 21:05 minutes on the timeline after which the section on Dynamic Actions start.

Dynamic forms was the number one requested feature on IdeaExchange with this particular Idea (Dependent Page Layouts) being open for many years. The pilot was announced in Dreamforce 2019 as one of the features in UI enhancements roadmap in Admin & Lightning Keynotes. Available as  Non-GA Preview in Salesforce Summer ’20 Release, this should be Generally Available in Salesforce Winter ’21 Release (i.e. towards the end of the year 2020)

…and did I mention that in Summer ’20 release, Salesforce has also introduced dynamic actions. You can now choose which actions appear in the Highlights Panel on the object’s record page based on what condition.