12 Fun Facts about Salesforce that You May not Know

#1MinuteTip Here is the link to an article that mentions 12 fun facts about Salesforce that you may not know. So, if you want to find out

  1. How many employees does Salesforce have?
  2. What does Salesforce do?
  3. How much information does Salesforce process in 24 hours?
  4. What is Salesforce’s annual revenue?
  5. Where does Salesforce operate around the world?
  6. How tall is the Salesforce tower in San Francisco?
  7. How diverse is Salesforce?
  8. How much has Salesforce spent to ensure equality in employee salaries?
  9. How is Salesforce a sustainable company?
  10. How much has Salesforce given back to the community?
  11. What is Salesforce’s economic impact?
  12. How big is the Salesforce ecosystem?

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12 Fun Facts about Salesforce that You May not Know

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