View Related Records in Timeline with Time Warp (AppExchange)

#1MinuteTip Came across this interesting product on AppExchange from Labs. This enables you to see the related records from standard and custom objects in one interactive timeline

View Records in timeline in Salesforce

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  1. YouTube Video (1:06 mts) – Time Warp Showcase
  2. AppExchange – Time Warp

12 thoughts on “View Related Records in Timeline with Time Warp (AppExchange)”

  1. Hi Ashish

    This is about showing the VoiceCall object on the timeline. The VoiceCall is raised against a task related to an Account or Opportunity .The VoiceCall object has a Related record field that is a lookup on various record types (incl. Account / Object).

    I added the Timeline LWC to the Opportunity page and by default, it shows (plots) the Tasks, events, contact roles plus 3 others on the timeline. I would like to represent the voice calls separately and created a custom metadata type called Opportunity_VoiceCalls with Opportunity as Parent, VoiceCall as the object name and RelatedRecords as the Child relationship. CallConnectDateTime as the position date field. Made it active and allocated the next sequence# (70).

    It did show up in the TimeWarp filter as another item to select, but the VoiceCalls are not plotted on the Warp timeline though they appear under the Activity tab for the Opportunity . These are all standard objects (not custom).

    I am not able to attach snippets to this post but can send them to you if you wish to see the config and screens.

    Any idea how we can plot these (indirect?) relationships? I have checked both config guide and Knowledgebase and also the closed/open issues on Github but not been able to find an answer Might post the question in Github.


  2. Is it possible to create configurations for a parent custom object to a child custom object… Where a specified date field on the child object will appear on the parent objects timeline?

  3. Hi Ashish,
    Do you know how new versions of the app are applied or rolled out if I install the managed package from the AppExchange? For example, If I have version 1.8 installed and a new version 1.9 is released, will the new version automatically be pushed to my org or will I have the option to install/upgrade the app myself?

    1. Hi Graham, I think it depends on the publisher on how they want to push upgrades.

      1. Publishers can publish an upgrade for a managed package and notify installers that the new version is available. Installers of a managed package can then install the upgrade
      2. Or publisher can push the upgrades automatically.

      Thanks, Ashish

  4. Hello, thanks for this article, I am interested in this component, know if it is possible to modify the fields in the tooltip? If so, I have a hard time figuring out where. For my part, I want to display a chronology of the reminders made on each opportunity. Thank you for your help

    1. Ashish Agarwal

      Hi Daill, I am not sure if I have understood the question. Can you either provide the screenshot or refer to slide no. of the step-by-step guide along with an explanation of what exactly you are trying to achieve?

  5. Do you know if it is possible to specify a different date for the oops? Currently I believe it is creation date but if inserted, it would be better to set a custom date field.

    1. Hi Jaime. The configuration is set through the custom metadata type ‘Timeline_Configuration__mdt’. Goto -> Setup -> Custom Metadata Types. Here you’ll find records for everything plotted on the timeline. You can open existing records or create new ones (to plot custom objects). The Position Date Field holds the API name of the date field to use when positioning the record. Simply update it with your chosen field.

      For a full config guide. Head to:

      For FAQs. Head to:

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