Use Einstein GPT to Create Salesforce Flows

#1MinuteTip Soon you will be able to ask Einstein GPT to create a flow for you. For example, you can type “Send an email to a group when an opportunity is won” and Einstein GPT for Flow then tells the browser what to click on and what to enter into the Flow Builder user interface.

Einstein GPT is Salesforce’s generative AI CRM technology, and by combining it with Flow, users can create and modify automations using a conversational interface, which radically simplifies the flow creation process and significantly lowers barriers for non-technical users.

It knows how to work with the context of the Salesforce records and metadata to configure the action correctly. Here a couple of different ways in which this will work:

  • Business users and admins could describe what kind of flow they want to build and see it built for them in near real time, instead of having to build each flow manually, step by step.
  • Users can also describe a formula they want and Einstein GPT will build it automatically. This replaces having to carefully piece formulas together, avoiding the risk of mistakes within formula syntax. 
  • Users will see improved searchability by describing a function they need to locate and having Einstein GPT insert the correct flow automatically, instead of having to search out sub flows and invocable actions.
Einstein GPT to Create Salesforce Flows
Image Source: Salesforce News Article (link below)

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