Test Custom Domains in a Sandbox (Generally Available)

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSpring21 Custom domains allow you to use a domain that you own, such as https://www.example.com, to host your Salesforce org’s externally facing content through Salesforce Sites and Experience Cloud sites. To make sure that it’s ready for prime time, use Custom Domains in Sandbox to develop and test your custom domain before deploying it to production.

test custom domain in sandbox

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1 thought on “Test Custom Domains in a Sandbox (Generally Available)”

  1. Hello Ashish,

    I have been following your posts alot and are really helpful.
    Actually I am stuck in a situation where we have developed a site which exposes product catalog and the external url for the existing website(which we are replacing) is benig hosted by some DNS vendor. 2 questions I have
    1. Can I enable the salesforce provided CDN for my site ?
    2. I am confused with the multiple options provided for domain creation, which one shall I follow for my use case.
    3. What exactly can I test with this article?

    Forgive me if my question are naive, but I am new to this so asking.

    Thanks in advance.

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