#SalesforceSpring23 – Flow Limit of 2000 Elements Removed

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSpring23 One of the major concerns in using flow was the governor limit on the execution of maximum number of elements per flow interview, which was 2000. This was a bit restrictive because if you had loops in the Flow, the limit was easily hit.

With Spring ’23 release, the limit of 2000 flow elements was removed. For this be sure that change the API version of your flow to 57.0

But note that even though this limit is no longer enforced, you may still hit the other limit of “Maximum CPU time on the Salesforce servers” which is 10,000 milliseconds (or 10 seconds), if you are executing thousands of elements in a Flow.

Product Area: Salesforce Flow

Flow Limit of 2000 Elements Removed

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