Salesforce Known Issues Site Get a Makeover

#1MinuteTip Salesforce Known Issues Site Get a Makeover.

What is Salesforce Known Issues Site?

Known Issues site is Salesforce’s bug transparency site where Salesforce publicly shares the status of its software defects. Instead of contacting support, Known Issues helps you find relevant and up-to-date information about our technology bugs, including workarounds that may be available.

What’s new with Known Issues?

The known issues site has gotten a makeover in 2023. This now includes:

  • Intelligent Search: New multi-select filters and keyword search enable you to quickly find Known Issues that may be relevant to you.
  • Known Issue Details: View easy-to-read Known Issue records, which include created dates and last updated dates driven by status.
  • Configurable Status Change Notifications: Within your profile, choose the relevant status change emails to stay looped in on pertinent updates.
  • Enhanced Tracking: Leverage the new My Known Issues search filter to keep tabs on Known Issues you’ve reported impact you or your business.
Salesforce Known Issues Site

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