Salesforce Flows – 25 Features Introduced in Spring ’22 Release

Salesforce Flows Winter 22 Release Features

Flows is the present and future of Automation in Salesforce and continues to take more and more Centre stage. Every Salesforce release contains tens of enhancements to Flows. In Spring ’22 Release of Salesforce, we could find about 25 enhancements related to Salesforce Flows.

And here is our top pick from these enhancements:

  1. Auto-Layout goes GA in Spring ’22
  2. Flow Trigger Explorer
  3. Translate and Customize Button Labels
  4. Create Choice Options from Record Collections
  5. New Element to Filter Items in a Collection 
  6. Place More Fields Directory on Flow Screens
  7. Define The Run Order of Record-Triggered Flows
  8. Connect Elements in Loops to Outside of the Loop
  9. Terminate Paths within a Loop
  10. Dynamic Screen Components Now in Flows (Pilot)
  11. Migrate to Flow Tool (Beta)

To make it easier for you to understand these new features and enhancements, we have created a presentation with screenshots and link to the related Spring ’22 release note article.

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3 thoughts on “Salesforce Flows – 25 Features Introduced in Spring ’22 Release”

  1. The email announcing this post highlighted 5 of the enhancements. I’m posting here to save these useful notes:

    1. Remember “one object one trigger” best practice? It cascaded to Flows also because it wasn’t possible to control the order of execution (for Record-Triggered Flows). But now with Spring ’22, you can explicitly define the order in which they should be executed.

    2. Now you can terminate the loop in a Flow based on certain conditions. Previously, the only option was to complete the loop.

    3. Now you can filter unwanted data from your collections in Flow Builder with a new “Collection Filter” element. Previously the only option was to loop through the entire collection and use condition inside the loop.

    4. Dynamic screen components coming to Screen Flows (in Pilot in Spring ’22). You will soon be able to enable/disable, hide/show components based on values in fields. Something like Dynamic forms that we saw in previous releases.

    5. Create a checkbox, radio button or drop-down list in screen-flow from the records in standard/custom objects.

  2. From approval process field update , I am trying to trigger flow but it’s not working . Is it fixed in spring 22 release or yet to fix? Please confirm

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