Salesforce Developer Forums Migration is Done!

#1MinuteTip Received an email from Salesforce notifying that the developer forums discussions have now been migrated to Trailblazer Community. Here is the content of the email received.

Salesforce Developer Forums Migration is done
Hi Ashish,

This is a non-promotional email.

We have officially turned off the Developer Forums on the Salesforce Developers website. We removed spam and obsolete discussion topics in order to migrate quality discussions to the Trailblazer Community.

Here’s how you can find all migrated discussions in the new Trailblazer Community experience:

– If you linked your developer forums email address to your Trailblazer account, simply log in to the Trailblazer Community to join discussions. You’ll find your migrated content there.

– If you did not link your forums email address to your Trailblazer account, you can log in to or create an account for the Trailblazer Community to participate in new discussions and ask questions.

– Need help getting an account set up? Go to Trailhead Help and open a Trailhead ticket for a Trailblazer account issue.

We know this is a big change. To find more support resources, log into the Trailblazer Community and visit the Developer Forums Migration Support Hub.

Thank you and feel free to share feedback about the Trailblazer Community in the Trailblazer Online Experience Feedback group.

Salesforce Developer Relations

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