Salesforce Communities – A Step By Step Guide To Getting Started From Scratch


Salesforce Community - A Step By Step Guide to Getting Started From Scratch

Salesforce Communities is a great platform to connect and collaborate with your customers, partners, and employees. It is quick & easy to create mobile-responsive Communities with pre-built templates. And here is how you can build your own Community from scratch in less than 60 minutes. This includes displaying knowledge articles, allowing customer to log cases and posting questions on Chatter.

Once setup, your users can access the Community from Salesforce app, mobile browser, or desktop. They will get the uniform rich experience on every form factor.

Salesforce Communities let you share CRM data with external users outside your org. You can create ample number of communities (max 100) catering to different kind of people or use cases. For e.g., you can create a customer support community to reduce support costs, a community for partner deal support, or create a community dedicated to employees or an upcoming event.

Salesforce Communities Capabilities

Customers can track their orders, create & escalate cases. Channel partners can enter leads, opportunities & update them. Employees can access and share files. Knowledge articles, FAQs provide information to users to find answers to common questions. Chatter in Community enables users to help others with their questions and issues.

So, if you are planning to introduce a platform to interact with people related to your business, then Salesforce Communities is the one of the best options to choose from.

In this guide I will be handholding you to create and configure a Community in less than 60 minutes. Here’s what this guide is going to cover

  • Introduction to Lightning Communities
  • Types of Communities
  • Types of Templates
  • Enable & Create a Community
  • Customize the Community
  • Create a Profile for Community Users
  • Publish Knowledge Articles in Community
  • Enable Community Users
  • Use Community for Case Management
  • Collaborate with Other Community Users

So, if you are not yet familiar with Salesforce Communities, dive right in and emerge with a new skill 60 minutes later. 🙂

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