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#SalesforceWinter23 – Add a Banner to an Experience Cloud Site

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceWinter23 Add the Site Banner component to your Aura and LWR sites to share updates with your customers. The component lets users add a custom banner and message for guest or authenticated site visitors.

Add a Banner to an Experience Cloud Site

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Playlist on Building LWR Sites with Experience Cloud

#1MinuteTip Here is a playlist from Salesforce Developers on how to build LWR Sites with Experience Cloud. This new series will dive into how Experience Cloud embraced with LWR the JAMstack approach, to enable developers to ship highly customizable and high-performant web experiences.

#SalesforceSpring22 – Put Your Site in Maintenance Mode While Making Updates

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSpring22 When making updates to your site, you can display a branded Service Not Available page on your site to non-admin and customer users. Admins can still access the site, make updates, and see the changes in real time. When you’re done making updates, activate your site to display the changes.

Experience Cloud Site in Maintenance Mode

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#SalesforceSpring22 – Increase in Limits of Experience Cloud Licenses

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSpring22 There is a huge increase in the limits of Experience cloud licenses. Customer Community licenses can now support 100+ million site members. Customer Community Plus and Partner Community licenses with account role optimization can support 10+ million site members.

Increase in the limits of Experience Cloud licenses.

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#SalesforceSpring22 – Archive Experience Cloud Sites

#1MinuteTip #SalesforceSpring22 Now you can archive an experience cloud site. Use the Archive button on your site’s detail page. When a site is archived, its URL is unavailable to all users, including admins. Instead, users see a site under maintenance page.

You can archive up to 100 sites, and archived sites don’t count against your Salesforce limit of 100 sites. And if you change your mind, you can always unarchive the site.

Archive Experience Cloud Sites

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