Removal of Guest User Object Permissions

#1MinuteTip  #SalesforceSpring21 Salesforce is removing the View All, Modify All, edit, and delete object permissions on all objects for guest users in new and existing orgs. These permissions are removed for custom objects and standard objects. Guest users can only have read and create object permissions.

Removal of Guest User Object Permissions

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4 thoughts on “Removal of Guest User Object Permissions”

  1. HI,
    I could not understand the following Knowledge article from Salesforce . They just published on JUne9 2022, saying they do have CRUD access for guest users on Custom objects.


  2. Hi Sir, What is the way around it if i need to give edit access to the records on a custom object to a guest user?

    I did try to create an apex (with out sharing) and assigned to guest user, But when i try as guest user to edit and save, i am not able to.. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Murali, one of the options you can try is using Screen-Flow and exposing screen-flow in the community. Make sure to set to run your screen-flow in system mode. See if this works.

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