New Book – Salesforce Platform Enterprise Architecture (Fourth Edition)

#1MinuteTip Came across the new edition of the book Salesforce Platform Enterprise Architecture by Andrew Fawcett. Here is the Table of Contents from this book:

  1. Building and Publishing Your Application
  2. Leveraging Platform Features
  3. Application Storage
  4. Apex Execution & Separation of Concerns
  5. Application Service Layer
  6. Application Domain Layer
  7. Application Selector Layer
  8. Additional Languages, Compute, and Data Services
  9. Building User Interfaces
  10. User Interfaces & Lighting Component Framework
  11. Providing Integration & Extensibility
  12. Asynchronous Processing & Build Data Volume
  13. Unit Testing
  14. Source Control & Continuous Integration
  15. Integrating with External Services
  16. Adding AI with Einstein
Salesforce Platform Enterprise Architecture

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