New Book – Business Process Automation with Salesforce Flows

#1MinuteTip Here is a new book on Salesforce called “Business Process Automation with Salesforce Flows”, Transform business processes with Salesforce Flows to deliver unmatched user experiences.

And here is the Table of Contents from this book:

  • Part 1: Understanding Business Requirements and Automation Needs
    • Chapter 1: Process Flows – Understanding Business Requirements
    • Chapter 2: Identification of Functional Requirements for Automation
    • Chapter 3: Business Process Features to Automate
  • Part 2: Business Process Automation in Salesforce
    • Chapter 4: Flow Building Blocks, Triggering, and Entry Conditions
    • Chapter 5: Salesforce Order of Execution
    • Chapter 6: Types of Salesforce Flows
    • Chapter 7: Flows Using Apex Sharing
    • Chapter 8: Optimizing and Troubleshooting Flows
  • Part 3: Flow Orchestration
    • Chapter 9: Flow Orchestration
    • Chapter 10: Compose and Orchestrate Business Processes
Business Process Automation with Salesforce Flows

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