Make Users More Productive with Einstein Search

#1MinuteTip If you haven’t yet enabled Einstein Search in your Org, you need to take a look at it. Einstein Search brings the power of AI in searching and is currently available with Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions at no additional cost.

Einstein Search has three features

  • Personal: The search results are tailored to user doing the search.
  • Natural: Search using natural language like ‘My Open Opportunities’ and not like ‘Opportunity.Stage <> ‘Closed’
  • Actionable: Take action right from the search results.

So why not look at the following video on YouTube (2:02 mts) and decide if this is something you would like to empower your users with

References & Useful URLs

  1. Trailhead Module (40 mts) – Increased Productivity with Einstein Search
  2. YouTube (4:50 mts) – How to Enable Einstein Search

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