A Step by Step Guide on Providing Social Customer Service through Salesforce

Using Salesforce to Provide Customer Service on Facebook & TwitterIf you are not already aware, this may be a pleasant surprise for you. It is simple to configure, easy to use and useful to serve customers better on the channel of their choice. Your subscription to Salesforce allows you to connect to two Social Media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) for FREE and create cases from the posts. To explain it in simple words, if your organization has a social media account (like Facebook, Twitter) and is interacting with customers on these channels, any post that they make on these channels can be created as a Case in Salesforce and your Customer Service Agents can respond to the cases from within Salesforce, which will get posted to these Social Media Channels. And with this step by step DIY guide, all this is going to take is less than 30 minutes for you to set this up.

So let’s rock n roll …

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See how easy that was. If your organization already has social media account(s), why not setup a proof of concept and show it your management. And if you get a pat on the back, then you can treat me with a coffee whenever we meet next. Starbucks Espresso Double Shot. 🙂


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